Bear ointment – testing warming and cooling

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Warming ointments always had a place in my training bag, especially when I was travelling to take part in sporting competitions. As a sprinter, I had to have perfectly trained muscles to avoid any injuries. When I received the offer to test a new product on the market, I gladly accepted the task, because I haven’t found another favourite ointment since the withdrawal of the famous (and for many stinky) Bengay.

The producer of the ointment, the Sewmed Company, introduced the Bear Ointment to the market. It should be written on it, above all, that no bear suffered while the recipe was being prepared. The product is 100% natural, made of herbs.

The Bear Ointment appears in two versions: a warming, of two warming options, and a cooling one. The ointment is color-free, easily distributed and quickly rubbed in, and doesn’t leave the skin sticky.

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