Do exercise carefully – how to avoid injuries at the gym

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What to do if an injury occurs?

The most important thing is to not ignore the pain and stop doing the exercise. If the accident happens at the gym, it is obligatory to inform the trainer about it, and to follow the trainer’s recommendations. If the injury emerges outside the gym, we can try to treat it at home. Above all, the injured body part should be relieved with the use of an elastic band; however, it should be remembered that it cannot be too tight. It is necessary to cover the injured part with ice. It is also advisable to apply a cooling ointment, for example the Bear Ointment “Polar ice”. Natural ingredients: mint, mountain arnica, and Chinese mint will ensure an immediate sensation of cooling, and bring a fast relief to the sufferer. In cases of strains or tearing a heat therapy is advisable, because it accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues and the return of full physical fitness. A warm, relaxing bath, and a strongly warming ointment, for example the Bear Ointment “Strong warming”, can also prove helpful. The camphor and devil’s claw included in it effectively relieve the pain and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

According to an old saying, it is better to be safe than sorry, and these words should be remembered also as a reference to a gym training. Adequate knowledge and preparation to exercising will save us from painful injuries and will let us enjoy more and more intensive trainings.

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