How to handle muscle and joint pains?

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Muscle pain appears normally after an excessively intensive physical effort, especially if exercise is undertaken after a longer break. Muscle pains can also seriously bother you during viral infections or flu. What can be done to alleviate a suffering? How to handle muscle and joint pains?

How to handle muscle and joint pains? – When it hurts

It is advisable to massage the muscle gently, and if it doesn’t increase the pain, try to stretch it a little. . A warm, relaxing bath, and a strongly warming ointment, for example the Bear Ointment “Strong warming”, can also prove helpful. The natural ingredients included in it, i.a. camphor and devil’s claw, effectively relieve the pain and have an anti-inflammatory property. If none of these methods works, only taking analgesic medications remains, starting with those available without prescription. In some cases, muscle soreness can indicate a more severe illness, for example hepatitis, rheumatic illnesses, fibromyalgia or tetanus. It is thus necessary to remember that every longer lasting muscle pain that doesn’t result from a cold or fatigue, requires a quick consultation with a specialist.

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