How to prevent injuries in horse riding

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Horse riding is a very exclusive sport discipline gaining more and more popularity. It is, at the same time, one of the most traumatic disciplines. Luckily, the risk of injury can be minimized, and pharmaceuticals available without prescription will help us fight it.

What types of injuries occur while riding a horse?

Contrary to what one might expect, not only the horse is subject to a significant overload, but also the person sitting in the saddle. Injuries are usually the result of:

– lack of experience of the rider,
– avoiding warmup,
– not being prepared for an effort,
– inappropriate ground choice.

Horse riding puts people mainly at the risk of injuries of joints and of the skeletal system. These include injuries of ankle, knee and hip joints. In the saddle we are particularly subject to spinal traumas – of lumbar and cervical spine.

Another group of injuries are muscle injuries. They include:

– muscle strains in the leg area (gastrocnemius muscle, quadriceps, and adductor thigh muscles),
– muscle strains of the whole body,
– muscle spasms.

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