Injuries on a ring – how to prevent them and treat them?

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Martial arts are commonly thought to be one of the most brutal disciplines. There is no wonder then that the MMA is a domain in which the attention is mostly paid to control procedures aimed at increasing safety on the ring. Which injuries bother boxers? What to do to avoid them, and once they appear – to treat them properly?

Aim: beating the rival

Pieces of information appear numerous times about MMA competitors, who, after ending their career, have problems with their hearing or speech abilities, mental disorders, and other illnesses directly related to the injuries incurred on the ring. Pictures of bruised boxers with broken noses, swelling on their eyelids, or totally ruined faces can be seen in the media. Such injuries, fortunately, occur rarely. More frequent are smaller injuries that require matching proper medications or rehabilitation.

The biggest controversy among people outside the MMA circle is seen in the fact that the main idea of boxing is knocking your rival out. It is worth mentioning that injuries occur in all kinds of sports, and their cause is usually improper preparation of the competitors, failure to observe the rules. Boxing is not an exception. Here injuries can be minimized as well.

What kinds of injuries usually accompany boxers?

The research confirms that the power of an average hit in boxing corresponds to the power of a hit made with a hammer weighing 9 kg, with the speed of 32 km/h. This is why martial arts are often related to internal bleedings, skull injuries or even concussion of the brain. Usual injuries in boxing are also:
– corneal abrasions,
– bleedings in the anterior chamber of the eye,
– eardrum ruptures,
– jaw injuries.

More often, during fights, less severe injuries occur. These are bruises, abrasions, wounds. In MMA sports muscle strains, sprains or twists of joints also happen.

How to prepare muscles for a fight?

Before entering the ring not only having all the protecting shields matters. Boxers, just like other sportspeople, should prepare their muscles. A proper warmup can help avoid straining tendons and will strengthen the joints, which will prevent twists or sprains.

Strong warming ointments can prove helpful. A natural warming power in ensured by the Bear Ointment. For boxers, the Bear Ointment “Strong warming” is recommended, which stimulates the blood flow and very quickly warms up the muscles. At the same time, the medication exhibits analgesic activity, which, taking into account the frequency of hits like the one on the ring, is a really valuable feature.

Soothing injuries

Every more powerful hit causes internal or external strokes. To avoid visible bruises and swellings and to soothe the pain, a strong cooling medication must be applied. In this case the Bear Ointment “polar ice” will fit perfectly. The preparation, based on herbs, exhibits a cooling effect and perfectly contracts blood vessels, preventing the appearance of bruises.

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