Most common injuries – how to handle them?

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Angling is not thought to be a sport particularly related to injuries; however, going fishing often involves wandering through afforested or uneven areas to reach a good fishery. An angler may be thus exposed to numerous injuries and lesions. How to recognize and treat them?


One of the most common injuries is the bruising caused by falls or punches. Wandering with a rod, a backpack containing baits, and other angling equipment may frequently pose a risk of more or less severe bruises.

Bruising occurs as a result of rupture of small blood vessels. In such a case, blood reaches the tissues adjacent to the injured place. This results in bruises and skin swelling. A bruise normally heals within a week or 10 days – during this time, blood is slowly absorbed by tissues.

Nearly all bruises are painful, which is why we have to relieve the pain. A cool compress will be perfect. The cold stops bleeding and prevents swelling.

After 24 hours since being injured, it is worth supporting the tissues so that they absorb blood quicker. A warm compress fits best. We can also treat the bruised place with a chestnut seed ointment that will accelerate the healing process. A similar effect can be observed in the arnica cream.

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